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  1. ***boat Help!!!!!
  2. Go Kerry!!!!!!!! My Hero!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Now they want to abolish the Electoral College!
  4. *** The Disingenuous Filmmaker ***
  5. America Coming Together-Racists...
  6. The Difference in Delagates ? Anyone pick up on this...
  8. Boat question
  9. Girlie Men
  10. I heard...
  11. i like it in the sandbar...
  12. Does this belong here?
  13. Katie Couric (sp?) Kicked ass!!!
  14. The only 2 medals anyone cared about
  15. What does a Log Cablin Rep look like ..?
  16. Diamond Valley Res and the California Budget
  17. The nuttier they are...
  18. Bada BING!
  19. Did you see THIS BS? (The rules here)
  20. Did anyone else watch Zell Millers speach - HOLY SCHIE!!!
  21. Is YOUR Family More Important Than Voting Democrat? Zell Miller's speech was great!
  22. What a couple of tards
  23. Michael Moore is a genius... (yeah right)
  24. Russia and France's terror policies
  25. Kerry's Iran deal on NUKES!
  26. Sen. Zell Miller vs. Matthews
  27. You might be a REDNECK if
  28. Bush Co.
  29. Mo lite reading
  30. Oliver North's comments on John Kerry
  31. TIME: Bush opens Double-Digit lead !!!!
  32. Bush an not BS, too funny
  33. I've got a question for Kerry!
  34. Important political message
  35. Howcome I never hear of Presidential campaigns
  36. Two Americas
  37. Kerry supports ban on guns
  38. The Cult of Death (an opinion piece published today in the NY Times!)
  39. Muslim Radicals Plan Tribute to 9/11 Attacks
  40. ** Clinton Call Leak Sabotaged Kerry **
  41. History Lesson
  42. Have You Wondered Why the Media Isn't Covering the Slaughter in Russia?
  43. Now I KNOW I like Zell!
  44. Take a Moment to Reflect & Give Tribute to the Heroes - Never Forget
  45. This just in from the RNC
  46. Iraq = Oil and Euro vs the Dollar
  47. This just in CBS may have "Fake" Docs.
  48. Media "Perspective" & John Kerry
  49. Liberal media and og shocker, can ya splain this?
  50. Kerry's compassionate..Limousine liberal
  51. Political Fanatics
  52. intro
  53. Democracy Runs On Oil: Part 1, Occupation
  54. Sopranos
  55. Bush, Cheney and Rumie are brilliant!
  56. Villepin: STONER ?
  57. Dan Rather At My Office!
  58. The Right Stuff...and the Wrong Stuff
  59. "Great Muslim Adventure Day"
  61. KFI : John & Ken @ Drier's Office
  62. What if
  63. Forgive me, I'm a Repubican,, but,,
  64. Here's What No Politician Will Tell Us (and why Bush must be re-elected)
  65. Are We Winning the War in IRAQ?
  66. New MOVE-ON Commercial / Defeated US Soldier
  67. Oh, dude!
  68. Bush Takes Commanding 13-point Lead!
  69. Sean Hannity is ON!!!
  70. Hell yeah
  71. American Hostages?
  72. Costco biased too?
  73. "We made a mistake"...
  74. Anyone read The New Soldier ?
  75. Americans With No Abilities Act Signed Into Law by John Kerry
  76. Al Qaeda ...... 'spectacular' attack
  77. For you conspiracy types.........
  78. Way to go Arnold!!!
  79. Ex-Patriots voting
  80. World wide election results.
  81. Kerry's whacker
  82. Guess the country....
  83. Blown, quick question
  84. Kerry's Pickup Truck for Sale
  85. What will the Oct
  86. Question for Liberals
  87. Blown, what will the Dems desperation surprise be?
  88. Bush-Kerry Comparisons
  89. I have been converted
  90. GB senior caught whispering into GB juniors ear
  91. Can I play Kurtis??
  92. Lets hear em, the ten reasons you love Bush
  93. Help for highroller.
  94. Reasons To Vote For Kerry
  95. Debate
  96. Kerry's failure of logic
  97. The military
  98. Another reason the Liberals get under my skin!
  99. Here's my prediction.
  100. I'm getting more confused...
  101. Well, what tha phuck???
  102. Kerry the Scumbag.
  103. Who would go..
  104. Interesting Correspondence
  105. Michael Moore is a Big Fat Liberal Pig (not news to you I'm sure)
  106. Debate "round 2"
  107. Beaumont!
  108. Heres a list of friends of the US
  109. Kahanamoku on the campaign trail???
  110. Cheney keeps a low profile
  111. George Bush's Dismal Resume
  112. cBS finds new Bush memo
  113. No more BUSH!
  114. Is Kahanamoko a troll?
  115. Kerry passes a law for kahanamoko
  116. The Real Reason We're at War
  117. Has this sh!# gone too far??
  118. Bush Crime Family
  119. The VP Debate, a picture.
  120. kahanamoko a fake?
  121. Speaking of California politics
  122. Chirac lashes out against US cultural domination
  123. Why I Want Anti-war Hippies And Liberal Media Out Of My Country
  124. Ann Coulter!
  125. No WMD Stockpiles in Iraq? Not Exactly
  126. In advance...
  127. Great perspective
  128. In advance
  129. Mrs. John Kerry...the traitor she is....
  130. Who is Catmandu?
  132. Bush/Cheney yard signs, funny story
  133. France-Iraq link in CIA report
  134. Hey Hot Boat, why not keep the Political Rhetoric Forum year round?!
  135. Fun with Barnes & Noble
  136. Communist Goals
  137. From Drudge.
  138. In answer to F-911
  139. John Kerry is Granite.
  140. The Shadow Party: Part I (Long Read)
  141. Mr. Jackass is coming
  142. Which one did the most for us?
  143. Why liberals are UnAmerican!
  144. Disgusting rhetoric from John Edwards (this guy thinks he should be VP!)
  145. Blurb of truth
  146. debate 3...how'd GW do?
  147. Kerry was disgusting in the debate tonight (and he lost)
  148. Help in deciding who to vote for
  149. Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge
  150. How?
  151. what one of kerry's "allies" has been up to
  152. Cacamoco Boycott
  153. Mystery Surrounds Bush's Penile Discharge
  154. It's about time!!
  155. Turns out Kahanamoko is a...female!
  156. Email I Recieved
  157. Is this what happend to you high roller?
  158. Jesus H. Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. kahanamoko a true.....
  160. Republicans stop people from voting!!!
  161. blood for oil
  162. Separation of church and state???
  163. Do any of you
  164. Traitor Kerry in trouble with the Police
  165. What is wrong with Steve1?
  166. more bullshit
  167. kyoto treaty
  168. Thoughts from a hardcore Right wing Republican
  169. dont close your blinds
  170. and some more....
  171. Who are you voting for and why
  172. The Mutiny...
  173. Controlled Topic Discussion
  174. Insult Chucking thread
  175. Social Security
  176. joke
  177. Do You Know Who Killed Mary Jo Kopechne?
  178. Kerry the hero
  179. The Prez Rally's wrapping up .. Anyone Notice :
  180. The final word!!
  181. The majority of nations like Kerry
  182. Michael Moore
  183. I would like help for BLOWN 472
  184. How about Sonoma High School
  185. kerry sniper!
  186. John Stewart on Crossfire
  187. Social Security...Some amazing facts!
  188. A difference btwn Dem's & Rep's
  189. Are the lawyers going to decide the election?
  190. 100 reasons to vote for bush.
  191. Just what is he afraid of?????
  192. Pie chunkers arrested
  193. Some Food for thought
  194. A George Carlin Rant
  195. OH NO the sky is falling!!!!
  196. So I was working at a house today and a Kerry supporter knocked on the door...
  197. Edwards......
  198. Please do not call Islamo-fascists "Towel Heads"
  199. Never Forget / Part 343
  200. kerry conspires with the UN the smear the CIC
  201. I'm voting for John Kerry
  202. Lil history for tha sheepeople
  203. Lose Bush!
  204. Voting for Kerry is voting for your own death!
  205. For Independent Thinkers .......
  206. Check this out http://www.stolenhonor.com/
  207. Pre-Election Poll Who's gonna be the Pres??
  208. I'm a Terrorist
  209. Quotes from the LEFTies
  210. Democrats Don't Want US Servicemen to Vote!
  211. At war with terrorists.
  212. COOL! I got a red...
  213. Dear Abby
  214. Blown who are you voting for?
  215. Busti for prez
  216. What my President should do
  217. calling out OGS and Carbonmarine - it's time!
  218. The only thing we have to fear...
  219. Osama prefers Bush
  220. I Tom Brown, as your prez promise
  221. I voted!
  222. Suggestions on How to Vote on California Propositions (& LA County stuff)
  223. which one of you liberal fags is not signing the neg. rep. points?
  224. Walk in Polling
  225. CNN is pissing me off
  226. Carbon/OG or SummerLove?????
  227. It's starting to look like
  228. Another reason to celebrate!!!
  229. Kerry conceded!!
  230. If Bush wins...
  231. Kahanawhina is sure quiet today
  232. Read it and weep liberal scum
  233. Kick them while they are down GW!
  234. Don't want to be an American idiot
  235. The Real Losers in the Election
  236. Coming Out
  237. Any one buy the Farenhype Video?
  238. So, how many of you foaming at the mouth
  239. The Final RED / BLUE MAP ( BUSH COUNTRY )
  240. County by County results - CA
  241. Hermann Goering's Quote about war & people
  242. Clinton or Kerry
  243. Man slashes own throat over Bush win.
  244. Life is good
  245. More bad news for liberal scum
  246. Hey Blown...Do you agree with this guy?
  247. And we are not bombing tha
  248. ???????????????????????
  249. I've just gotta say......
  250. working on it, 10k