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  1. Thread: Old 32' Pachanga

    by DFWX

    Old 32' Pachanga

    Bought an old 1986 Se Ray 32' Pachanga with twin 454s and OEM Alpha drives. (Bizarrely the same drives as were on my 160 horsepower twin 27 foot Chapparel) The motors have 90 and 100 hours on them...
  2. Correction... I suppose one also may have been...

    Correction... I suppose one also may have been made for an SBC. Just compare the exhaust manifold and see which size head one fits.
  3. It's for a bbc

    Hello. I have one of the same setups. Never installed it. They are for a BBC 454 standard block (or any BBC standard block). [/B][/B]. Very simplistic. Add an 850 to 920 holly and you're on your way....
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