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Thread: anybody know home networking?

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    I know, I know this is a boating site, but it's free help! :220v:
    I am trying to setup a network printer and am at a loss....can you give me the steps in detail???

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    If you are using windows, turn both computers on, turn the printer on, install the printer drivers on each computer and then follow the Windows wizard. That should do it. The only problem you may run into is different firewall settings.

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    this is going to get confusing
    first thing you need to do is inable file and print sharing on the pc that the printer is connected to

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    If it's an HP all-in-one, good luck they are a pain in the ass..... especially if you are running any computers wireless.

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    i get the click and drag crap, but when it comes to configuring, i'm lost.
    hey john, is there anything you don't know something about?

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