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Thread: Hey Impatient 1 ?

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    do you ever go over on texas*** ? The north texas jet boat club is having an event at texoma on memorial day weekend,just thought I'd let ya know,we'll probably drag the centurion up there for this one.

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    hold on I think they changed the dates.

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    T-man, My Kids Keep Me So Busy In The Evenins I Barely Have Time To Get On ***boats At Home.i Will Be Makin Most Of The Meets This Tow Rig Last Yr Wasn't One I'd Go Far In.i Bought A New Truck And Boat Is Close To The Finish Line So This Season I Want To Meet Everyone! Kinda Boring Hanging Out At My Local Lake.i've Already Out Run All The Bass Boats They Make,lol.i Will Be At The Taylor Roost In Broken Bow.i'm Also Building My Vacation Around The Plowmans Event And A Brazos River Trip.gotta Get Outta Okla. Alitte This Summer.

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    I Registered On It Today T-man. Kinda Slow Over There Isn't It.i Watch The Taylor Site Forums Sometimes.never Any New Posts On It Though.i Like It Here!(theinsideline Ain't To Shabby Either).

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    yea sometimes it's slow,but you can go to either texas***boats or the south texas,or north texas or west texas sites from that page.I got an e-mail from one of the north texas guys asking me if I wanted to be a judge at their first event,which is going to be on memorial day weekend on texoma.I 'll keep ya posted I told those guys they need to post over on ***boat we'll see if they do,I just thought since you live in oklahoma,that you might want to make this run.I understand about a tow rig,I'm having problems with my sport trac right now and I'm, either gonna have to get it fixed right or I'm gonna have to buy a new truck.

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    i should be able to make the texoma meet. not familiar with the lake but got a new gps for that kinda problem.i order a new full size 4dr so i can go to most meets within 200 miles from me.can't wait!

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    great we'll see ya there.

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