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Thread: my fav xmas gift

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    this may seem silly to some,but this was my fav gift.I grew up in north san diego,on a skateboard everyday.I really believe it kept me out of trouble,it was my way of expression I suppose.So now my sons skate everyday,so my wife and I were out looking for boards for my son,and I saw this board that made me flash back to my youth.My wife must have saw the look on my face.She spend weeks finding one for my gift,they only re-released 100 of them.The Logo of the horseshoe is from the DEL MAR skate ranch,where I spend endless days as a kid,alone,just skating.This gift meant alot to me because of the thought,not the cost,which is the way it should be.It also means I can skate with my kids still,which as a dad is really special...The bam board is my sons,he was real happy.....My wife is the BEST,thats all I gotta say!http://www.***

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    Yea! That's awesome! I spent my days at whirlin-wheels in esco and carlsbad raceway. Demlar was good, and their BMX track was excellent as well!... Use to ride through the park after heets

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    garage for all the boards now

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    garage for all the boards now
    Hell, you need to build a 1/2 pipe to piss off the neighbors! :crossx:

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    to move to valley center just to build a mini ramp

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    build a scale ramp in your backyard... fence to fence and 15 feet high... We can drop in from your second story roof

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    I can see it now
    "Hold my bear & watch this".......

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    watch this hand plant,i nailed one of these in the 80s

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    killer of those "I want one, but won't buy one" kinda deals. Cool of your wife to pull that off.
    "Hey son, check this Lance Mountain." "Uh dad, what the fock is a Lance Mountain?" Never mind.......
    ...........Ya know, 1/4 pipes are easy to build and movable on two skates........ :idea:

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