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    My Quad was stolen from the garages @ the front of River Shore Estates in Earp, Ca. Located on the CA side of the Parker strip. Last time I put the bike in the garage I chained it to our Crusier locked the garge and it's now gone. This was three weeks ago. 5 garages were broken in to so look for these ****s moving bikes and parts. I found out today the lock is cut and bike is gone. If you can help me in any way, I would be greatly in debt to you. Here is a list of some of the s*** you will see easily on the bike.
    909-908-5514 or
    '04 Yamaha Banshee Limited.
    -T5 Toomeys
    -Renthal Bars
    -V-force reed cage
    -Ricky Stator PIAA 4012 Baja lights
    -Gold stock front rims with Black Rears
    -No air box with single K&N's off each Carb.
    -TC Billet thumb Throttle
    -All case bolts on the motor are changed over to stainless socket heads.

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    damn that really sucks man. sorry to hear you lost your toy. its good you made a list of parts that were on it but from what i read, its mostly over the counter parts that so many have the same of. id suggest looking through paper work for serial numbers. case numbers and frame numbers are the best way to recover and possibly catch these #uckers. in the future, any of your toys that have serial numbers you should make u rubbing. rubbings are the BEST and most LEGAL when finding the person with your property. of course i think pictures of the serial numbers are even better. this way you can carry your picture around while checkin out all the bikes in riding areas. come across yours and call the police. and a quik tip when doing so, also cary a lack that will fit over the chain and sprocket or through the holes on the brake disk. if you find your case or frame numbers, dont say anything just lock it up then call the police and tell the arshole that either stole it or baught stolen goods, he is busted. good luck in recovering your toy.

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    Sorry to hear that...
    Make sure to check places like, ebay, local shops, newpaper... Some times you get lucky and find it/parts.

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    track em down - kill em.

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    They got 5 bikes from 5 garages and a enclosed trailer.
    Mine is the a Yamaha Banshee, all black frame with black clipped fenders, most noticeable features are my raw Toomey pipes(which could now be painted) and the gold stock rims I had to borrow as I smoked the first set. My paddles are at home so I have no idea what could be on there. I know they paint the bikes really quick sometimes and just go ride them!!
    VIN# JY43GG0374C053244
    ENG# 3GG03-0053244

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    track em down - kill em.

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