Some forum rules that seem to not get noticed from time to time...
On Nudity, either in pictures posted or direct links to:
First a quote by ***boat on the subject of nudity in response to a member's comment on censorship in another thread:
Before I get too far into this I have this note. THE FORUM RULES ARE POSTED AT THE TOP OF THE FORUMS (SEE ICON WITH A LOUD SPEAKER AND THE NOTE THAT SURPRISINGLY SAYS "FORUM RULES")!!! If you violate the rules don't be shocked when you get banned.
1. It is not censorship, it is a privately owned website and L.F.P. can do whatever it wants including taking the whole site down (as has been threatened many times by L.F.P.). If the U.S. government were telling us what we could put on this site then we might have a censorship issue. This is Hot Boat's website not the member's. 3M makes post-it-notes and nuclear weapons components.
2. This one is even more simple. The bandwidth we rent for $$$ to provide all of you with a free web site comes with what is called a Terms Of Use agreement. Among other things like illegal activities is the NO PORN CLAUSE. They mean that and will pull our server if we violate it.
3. I will ban anyone who violates this policy. By violating this policy you jeopardize ***'s existence. If it really comes down to it I will ban entire blocks of IP's to protect this websites existence.
In summary, 80% of the Internet is said to be porn. I am sure you can find many other places to go to post porn. Other site members have created entire websites for this sole purpose. DON'T DO IT HERE!
Since we seem to have continuing confusion from time to time with what ***boat's message is about I will attempt to expand on it.
1. If you post nudity or depictions of sex acts of any kind on ***boat (which includes the image center), you will be banned for 3 days. If you are new and truly do not know the rules you "may" get a warning.
2. If you have been warned on the subject previously you will be banned for 30 days, not 3.
3. If you do it a second time following a 3 day ban you will be banned for 30 days.
4. If there is a third occurance you will be banned permanently. Also if you post blatant hardcore porn you may be banned permantently at any time at the moderator's descretion without any warning.
If you are banned and sign up under a different screen name to circumvent the ban you will be banned permantely along with your IP range if necessary.
If you fail to comply with a moderators request on any forum content issue you may be banned at the moderator's descretion.
If you argue about the definition of nudity you may be banned. It is the moderators' responsibility to decide what is and what is not appropriate to be posted on the ***boat Forum.
On the subject of threats of violence:
Threats of violence are strictly prohibited in the forum rules. Either in post or signatures, real or in jest. Violaters will recieve one opportunity to correct these types of problems. It is not a negotiable issue. Those who do not comply immediately with moderators requests will be banned.
In summary: Please do not post any type of nudity, links to nudity, quotes of links to nudity, or threats of violence on ***boat. It is ***boat's website and these are ***boat's rules.
Signature Images
The window for single or multiple images in signatures is 500 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall. This is to prevent scroll bars from appearing in the case of the width and long hard to read threads in the case of the height. "Minor" pixel size variations may not be enforced at the moderators' descretion. Also a 30K file size which will be enforced if blatantly violated because of page load time and server space in the case of image center hosted pictures.
Oversize images may be removed at any time by a moderator and a request to repost within the size guidelines will be posted in its place or a PM will be sent. Ignoring or reposting oversize signature images repeatedly will get you banned from the website. ***boat does not want large images in signatures.
Additionally excessive lines of text in signatures are not acceptable. As well as "for sale" links or links or text with promotional or spammish language. An example would be "My boat is for sale 39K, PM me" or "Click here for the best deal in real estate" or ", click here for the best rates". All that stuff belongs in the spam forum. Simple links (one or two) are allowed to member's websites as long as they do not include promotional language, notices of sales, etc.