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Thread: Sunday afternoon cruise....

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    f****n nuts :2purples: :2purples: :2purples:

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    Liberator TJ1984
    My luck , the bike would have been made on a Friday or Monday :crossx:
    and would have kicked the rods at about 215 :skull:

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    Fake but, funny as hell!

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    Fake!!! the center dotted line turns solid at 120!!

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    I topped out my 600RR at 168 and it looked way faster than that. Just watch the side of the road while he is still doing 160, seemed more like 90. That busa probably had some weird final drive ratio by dropping a tooth or two on the front sproket. Maybe km/hour?

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    Sane Asylum
    km/hr............It was the 7 second wheelie at that speed that got me.......

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    BS no way was he doing 220.........Like already mentioned, gear change, or? but fake........MP

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    Lets just say I may have been 170 and as already stated the white lines become solid, that was more like 120 at best.........

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    The wheelie from 50 to 140 mph is nuken futz. It got up to 220 just too fast and didn't slowly creep up to 220, it just went to 220 and that was it.

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