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Thread: Ignition problems

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    Try to start engine and when in start mode it seem's it want's to start untill I release the key and then die's.I have spark,gas,timing is good,have 12volts at coil when in start mode but no 12volts when in acc.Could it be altinator? i'm at loss at this one,if it help's I am using a malory optical insted of points and does anybody have a wiring diagram for a 455 miller boat.thanks.wetandwild

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    Had the same problem with my car this weekend, would crank and then when I let go of the key it would fire and die, the pick up in the dist was junk, cheap aftermarket shit, put a used facory part in, car starts and runs alot better. Do you have a spare dist laying around you could plug in and then turn the key on to see if you have spark??

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    Don't know if it help's but I just talked to c.q. auto and they told me to check to see if i am getting 9 or more volts at run mode on coil,when you try to start it should be 12volt to boost then in run it should be 9.8volts because i'm using balist resister.When I have in run mode I do not have any voltage at all untill I goto crank it and then in run no volts.

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    You should have voltage to the ballast resistor whe the key is is the o position. Check that. Also might be a bad ballast resistor, depending on how it is wired.

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    Sounds like either a bad resisitor, or a bad iginition switch. Trace it back from the coil wiht a voltmeter. You should have between 9-10 v at the coil when the key is on, and 10+ when cranking. (12+ if the starter is disconnected) If no juice when the key is on, move to the resistor, you should have 12v in and 9-10v out. If no juice is coming into the resisitor, then your switch is eithe bad, or a wire is disconnected. Good Luck!

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    Many ignitions have 2 circuits... one on run, and the other on cranking. One way it's done on systems with a separate starter solenoid, is the small "s" post supplies voltage during cranking only, while the ignotion switch supplies voltage to the coil in the run position.
    On some systems without a separate starter solenoid, a jumper supplies voltage from the starter solenoid (Bendix) to the coil on cranking, and voltage in the run postion comes from the ignition switch.
    There are other variations, but most likely your problem is ignition switch related. Check the voltage at the coil in the run position. Low voltage may also be a problem.
    Good luck
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    Ballist resistor or fusible link . I spent hrs tryin to trouble shoot same problem. Faster and cheap to just replace both.

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