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Thread: Sirius or XM Which ones better

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    Looking to add satalite radio to my truck/boat anybody have experience with these two? which one is better?.

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    Might wanna do a search on that topic....

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    Do you like a woman with a "full C" or a woman with a " little D "

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    Do you like a woman with a "full C" or a woman with a " little D "
    Allready got DD's

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    if you like Stern, he's only on Sirius. Just make sure you dont get the wireless kind only unless you like alot of static.

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    Two words...Howard Stern

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    If you go to XM's and Sirius web sites you can listen for 3 days for free over the internet.
    XM (
    SIRIUS (

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    I just picked up an XM Delphi MyFi and its awesome. Portable, plus car and home kits. It'll record 5 hours so you can listen in an area without coverage, or set it to record a program when you're not around or sleeping. It has a built-in FM transmitter that works very well, no static or drop-outs from it so far. It has pretty good reception with the built-in antenna, but has a personal, clip-on antenna as well, plus the car and home antennas. I got it for $155 w/overnight shipping, plus I'll get a $50 rebate off that for purchasing and activating before year's end.
    As far as programming goes, they're very similar, but Sirius gets NFL and Stern, while XM gets NBA, NHL and MLB.

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    Two words...Howard Stern
    Two words...........he sucks.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    Two words...........he sucks.
    two words ....... your mom
    sirius rocks!!!!!!!!!

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