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Thread: Help with Motor set up seaflite 302 jet

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    Ok guy and gals I have a little problem. The floor and stringers were soft in my boat and the motor needed a head job so I ripped out the Motor and completed the rebuild. The boat has a berkley front and rear motor mount and seem to have a little adjustment in them. I would like to build a frame inbetween the two stringers and maybe up and around the transom.What should i build the frame out of Stainless steel or alum?. How do I get the motor height right in relation to the drive line to the jet pump. This is my first jet and I really need the help. I live in the Sacramento area
    thanx thinblueline

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Some pics would be helpfull

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    It is a little rainy around here Ill try to get some pic a little later this week

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