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    Anyone got parts? restoring my 1968 Honda 50 Mini trail.
    Also looking for a Honda ATC 90 or 110 three wheeler.

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    Just sold my Trail 70H. It has a factory 4-speed and manual clutch and went 49 m.p.h. on GPS. I miss it.
    Below is a link to a website--Beatrice Cycle--that has more OEM Honda cosmetic, mechanical and electrical parts than even Honda themselves has available anymore. This is because the independent seller is probably acquiring whatever parts are left on the shelves at Honda dealerships. Parts are still factory sealed and priced reasonably.
    Beatrice Cycle sells Honda components for any trail bike from the Z50 up to the Trail 110. Just click below:
    Good luck and enjoy,

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    Just wanted to bring this back uptop. See if anyone else has parts.

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    What parts specifically are you looking for?

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    I have complete ACT 90 motor.It don't have any compression.I don't what year it is.I'm building a chopper mini bike and was going to use it but decieded to with a two cyl two stroke 200cc.If you'er interested.

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    Looking for footpeg rubbers, lights, key switch,front fender. Ebay has stuff, I just thought I`d ask.
    Thanks for the offer on the 90 motor. Put a new 5hp on my gocart already. Kids broke the intake. Motors off a wood chipper. Brand new. Integrated carb and intake. Sucks what engineers dream up sometimes.
    Looking for a 110 or 90 project to fully restore. All parts hopefully are there. Beached1, thanks for the sites, awsome.
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    My first motorcycle, that my dad bought me was a Honda CT-70. I loved that bike. I was 5 or 6 when he taught me to ride. Good times.

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