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Thread: NOS????

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    mach1 454
    i own a 1975 mach1 20ft with a 454 and jet drive. my question is would a 50 horspower NOS shot ruen my engine? its a basically stock engine except for the cam, intake manifold, and carb. my top speed is 61mph and would love NOS when racing other boats on the lake. any info would be apreciated. thanx
    mach1 454

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    A 50 shot won't feel like it made a big block sneez. A 125 kit is fine even with cast pistons as long as the timing is backed down a few degrees and the fuel pressure is up.

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    I tried nitrous on a 20 sleekcraft tunnel that I had years ago. I had a 150 hp powershot system and my top speed went from 70 to 80 mph. My opinion of nitrous is it's a waste of money on a boat because it lasts such a short time. A 10 lb bottle lasts 2 min. which goes by quick in a boat at WOT. Here in Mi. it costs 45$ to fill the bottle not to mention the time of unbolting and lugging it around. I also had the same system in a Corvette and it was better on a car because you wouldn't spend as long at WOT as a boat would.

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    But they look cool as hell!!!!

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    You can safely put 150 HP on a BBC. There are lots of pros & cons to nitrous on a boat, but if you're going to do it go with a 20lb bottle.

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