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Thread: Hydraulic Steering

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    Where is a good place to buy a full hydraulic to the helm setup for self install & not pay retail.

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    No retail, self install = No warantee

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    i can get imco for you at cost plus if you interested :rollside:

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    Dana Marine Products
    Here's two price quotes on brand new Zieger steering systems,
    Full Hydraulic Single Ram Bravo - $2550.00
    Full Hydraulic Dual Ram Bravo - $3490.00
    Kits include all hoses, fittings, helm, hub kit, etc. etc., The only thing you'll need is your time and a steering wheel (which we can also help you with if desired). This is the hottest steering on the market.

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    what helm are you using with thouse units?

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    what helm are you using with thouse units?
    do they have add on systems as well?

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    No retail, self install = No warantee
    Working on my boat is part of the sport & fun. Why is not paying retail void the warrantee. The warrantee should be with the manufacture.
    Thanks, Mike

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    Dana Marine Products
    All steering manufacturers use Charlyn helms on I/O full hydraulic steering systems. We offer the entire Zeiger line which includes add on kits and full hyd.

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    I like how close the ram mounts to the drive center. What is the ctr./ctr.?

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    It's winter - you might find a nice system somebody is selling.
    Over the summer I found like-new Marine Machine rams and wingplate/bolts/hardware for $700. By the time I'm done with Stainless lines, I'll be about $1K into it. Might even go full hydraulic. The Marine Machine wingplate is built like a tank and weighs a ton - thank god it's being offset by aluminum heads!

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