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Thread: Air cleaner I am building

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    For any of you familiar with Porsche or Corvair parts, I have a nice peice to brag about. Pricey biaaatches too, he said he paid around 2 grand for them. I got a job yesterday to build some custom airfilter assemblies for a guy with a corvair dunebuggy. He bought a set of PMO carbs I have never heard of. This is one sweet part. Good casting, good machining, nice float bowl windows. American made.
    I'll show off some pictures when I get the filters made. Does anyone have any info about the carbs? I am curious about them, I haven't been able to find any writeups on the Carbs.
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    Kinda looks like the dual throat Dellorto DHLA I use on my HD...or even the older Down draft or side draft Webbers...except yours have 3 barrels.

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    It is the same design, with another barrel. It looks cool, makes me want to build a motor.

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    I don't know much about them but I believe they were off of the "hot" factory engine, I think it was called they sypder. A friend ran one in a buggy years ago. Thing ran like a bat out of hell.
    Go trolling at the Corvair boards, Im sure you will get a hit:

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