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Thread: Parker this time of year.

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    We were thinkin of headin to Parker for new years.
    Good Idea or bad?
    Some one told me that last week or so, they were there is was almost dried up. could walk across. Is there water back there?

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    Tyson Ross
    It's back to winter normal. It may go real low the first week or so in January as they normally lower it big time for a week or two. Been in the low 70's lately.

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    I'll be in Havasu during that time. I will flush my toilet a lot to help the Parker people out.

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    We were in Laughlin the weekend of December 10th and the water was really low. Just from the view out of our hotel window we saw 3 people get stuck on sandbars. And it was pretty windy.

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    I don't do much boating this time of year and if I do I go up to the lake; I stick to the trails this time of is pretty good up there. We will be up there New Years as well...

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    This weelend it was sunny and mid 70's! Some guy at Riverland was skiing all day with out a wet suit! Thats to much for my old bones but the weather is great and me and crew will be up there over the holidays!

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    dan the guy was probaly talking about when you cross the bridge that is not the strip the water is always fine in parker unless they drop it down which i belive is the second week of jan you should be good to go.need a rental?boatcop would let us know if anything has changed also.

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