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Thread: Cherish a memory.

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    In 1999 I took my three youngest sons to Burley Idaho to the races. My wife was so enthralled that she never left the riverbank for three days. Later we bought our first Biesemeyer from Rassie Harper. Here's our second. It was Lance's 701 boat. Lance's brother and his Mom were very nice people, to say the least. Today was the coldest day of the year, 20' below this morning. The pics are bad but the boat is an HONORABLE memory. I'm going to put a super stock engine in it and put it back together. Its so light I may have to reinforce the bow and sides, add 25 lbs of mat and glass. At the lake, we may not have the luxury of a ramp valet. The Billy B paint job is still intact, simple but nice. Only one more boat to go, and all my five sons will have a flattie,when I die. I am honored.

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    where are the pictures??

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    Got 'em on the gallery, and have two sons home from college. Give me an hour, they'll help me. Premature posting, I'm sorry dear, give me a day to reload.

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    Ken, I've been biting my tongue ever since you told me. Thankgoodness I don't have to keep your secret any longer. I guess I should've moved to snow country before I started boating!!!! Can't wait to see it, up close and personal. But, which boat will you bring, with all those choices.........Ray

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    Congrats Ken, I hope you're going to put the motor in the "Right" way in this one!..

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    That there's a piece of history. Yes, cherish it.

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