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Thread: Merry Xmas to 3DO

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    Bling Bling
    Hey Jeffrey, look below the sign, I even added the little Spectre wiener
    Hey BF,talk shit about Canada, but a white Xmas in Canada is better then card board in TJ.

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    That remindes me of Wierd Science, Bill Paxton

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    Three Days Only
    Merry Christmas Mr. Bling, Mrs. Blingette, & of course Lil Ms. Faulkner
    Looks cold in Canada!!! It's 39 here tonight, and im still waiting for that BJ from Mrs. Claus.
    Jeffrey Son

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    That is funney shiat! You kind of have to remember the picture.

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    That remindes me of Wierd Science, Bill Paxton
    Hmmmmm come to think of it Jeff does remind me of "CHET"

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    Nice Bling.... I hope they don't let your Canadian ass back down South.... :hammerhea

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