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Thread: Stupid or just pretending to be?

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    There is this guy (NOT TATTOO HEAD BOY BECAUSE HE'S IN JAIL NOW) thats works with us. Our office was closed on Monday and I told him about it last Thursday. He didn't show up yesterday and didn't call in and then didn't show up today either. Our boss called him at 9:30 and he was still in bed. He said he thought we were off until after the New Year. What an idiot. LOL

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    Sounds like he's pretty much off until he finds a new job...
    ... probably after New Years.

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    Tom Brown
    I wish I would have thought of that.

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    I better get going I thought everyone was off :argue:

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    H20 Toie
    I'm glad he doesn't work for me. Everyone showed up for work except for me

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    progressive thinker.....Its always earier to plead ignorance...the first time...

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    Sounds like the kinda of employee theare looking for in HAVASU

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    tell him to go down to 7-11 and pick up a newspaper for you. when he comes back, show him the classified section and tell him to look for a new job :argue:

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    Fire him!

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    Fire him!
    If he worked for me I would.

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