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Thread: Anyone recognize this model (now with pic!)

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    I'm probably gonna buy this boat back from the insurance company, was stolen last year!
    Now it is in bad shape and i'm probably gonna change the motor to a chevy 454 :-)
    Is there a any point of putting more power into this boat? Is it capable of higher speeds? I'm aiming for 70knots don't know what that is in mph... maybe around 80...
    Please let me know what you know about it, greatful for any info I can get!
    "the crazy swede"

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    Here ya go buddy
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    hehe oops forgot! try this link:

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    Wright Spoiler????
    that looks like an old taylor
    here is a Wright Spoiler

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    Wet Dream
    How were you able to insure it without knowing what it is? Wouldn't the HIN help you know?

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    These boats are so unusual in sweden so the insurance company just needed som pictures and how much I bought it for. Nice conditions!
    No one seem to know more about it then that the make is tayler.
    The boat is 19" btw...
    What do you mean by "HIN"?

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    Hull Identification Number

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    They don't have this type of boat in their systems... So, is this hull of any use for speeds exceeding 65mph??

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    Looks like this 1972 Tahiti if you ask me.
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    Here is a pic of a taylor for (
    I guess that Hull is been around.....

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