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Thread: Somebody needs to do a "Revenge Rescue"

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    Dave Sammons
    Spotted this mistreated ol' girl out at the River this weekend at Marina Village. V-drive gone..flowcoat cracked...just sitting in the sun going to HELL Left a card...what a shame...

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    What a shame, it could be a bitchen boat. I could use that override handle and downpedal. Getting ready to buy a new one.

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    Damn what a shame, wouldn't mind having that!..

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    Nice find dave ,it is a shame they are letting her sit out like that .Love to have that one

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    Look at the cav plate, it looks to be 3 piece and the turnbuckles look strangly spaced. Did Revenge make any runner bottoms? I know someone that would be really interested in that boat if its a true flat........MP

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    Three piece plate very common, not a runner!..

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    Art, you know what I'm thinking..........Ray

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    Where is the v-drive, much less the holes in the stringers for the mounts????

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    Art, you know what I'm thinking..........Ray
    Yeah I know, better off getting a new one from Joey though!..

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    I have talked to the guy :hammerhea That all I will say

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