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Thread: Lake Mohave on 01/01/06 - anyone???

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    Anyone else planning a Mohave trip this weekend???

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Seriuously, there is a spare bedroom for you and the wife
    One bedroom for each of us? Perfect! :notam:
    Actually, I think we're working on a Villa Nova dinner...followed by hotwiring a boat (in a drunken stupor) and cruising the harbor.
    All we need is a good ignition guy... :idea:

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    I'll call you Friday Tom, when we're on our way out.

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    Squirtin Thunder

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    I'm also towing my desert toys out there. And even we just hang out all weekend that'll be fine with me.
    I'll call you in a couple of hours Tom. We'll get together one way or another.
    I have some minor work to do on the boat while I'm out there but we'll play the actual boating by ear.....if it looks like a decent day for boating we'll go, if not we'll drink and hang out at the house. No biggie either way.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    So is anyone hitting the water tomarrow ???

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