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Thread: Clear Coat of Buff?

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    Wet Dream
    Since the previous owner of my boat wasn't very good at covering the boat, the bow has small cracks near the "bubble" and the finish feels gritty and is dull. When I put the new engine in I had a wet rag and wiped the boat down and the bow shined like it was showroom quality. Of course the water evaporated quickly and returned to the dullness, but I don't know if it calls for a full clearcoat or if some waxing or buffing will brng it back. I really don;t want to have to clear the whole boat, but if that is the way to go, so be it.

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    It depends on how bad it is I have buffed them out and made them look great. On a really bad one I used 3m machine glaze and buffed it out then waxed the crap out of it lasted till he decided to paint it. Just be sure to keep the buffer moving the machine glaze is pretty gritty and you can burn thru the gel. You could also wet sand with 1500 grit paper before buffing.

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    Wet Dream
    Thats one thing I was thinking of doing was wet sanding to really smooth out the finish. I don't think its really in that bad a shape, but needs some TLC.

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    I would also sand it with 1500 and then machine buff the crap out of it! then wax on and wax off plenty of times. You might want to check into those gelcoat restorers!

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    QUICK FIX from, (((((Leon)))) Use WENOL metal polish (yes metal polish) on the gel coat of any boat to cut through the crap and restore lustre. It is available through summit racing and will run about $35 per can. A can will last you for 4 or 5 whole boats and then some. Now here's the trick: Just make sure you don't use very much of the polish or it is hard to get back out of the surface. A little ol dab will do ya. I've never used it with a wheel but i think it would work even better with a wheel. Apply by hand and then rub out by hand or with the wheel. Good Luck.

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    Wet Dream
    cool, I'll have to ry that.

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    I buffed out my 23' trophy fishing boat in may this year.I got a deWalt buffer and used 3m perfect it.It is made for gelcoat and works real good.If your boat is real bad sand with 1000 or 1500 wet or dry,then buff with perfect it then wax with your favorite wax.My boat looks brand new,you will be surprised.

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    OK, I just did my boat and its white w/ brown metalflake. The gell was in in good shape but it was really faded and had some chips because it was sitting for 6 yrs. I started w/ 1000 grit and finished with 1500 grit. Then i used a wool pad w/ the 3M Perfect It 2 polishing compound on a variable speed buffer (very important) because its easier on the gell than a single speed (high speed) buffer. After that i used some Liquid Ebony (a real fine finish polish) w/ a foam pad on the buffer. Then use whatever wax you prefer. The boat turned out great but the metalflake falls out really fast so I have to keep up on it. A buddy of mine just cleared his boat and it turned out nice, but his hull was never rigged and didnt have any blems and imperfections like chips and stress cracks. If your gell is super clean and without blems than go w/ the clear, but if its like most other (mine) boat w/ stress cracks and chips than I recommend a good cut and buff. Hope that helps.

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