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Thread: So what did you break at the Poker Run Weekend?

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    If there was one common thread this weekend, there seemed to be a lot of breakage....I did not even run, but still had something break....
    Friday Morning...launch at Springs, Stuck Throttle....back on trailer....Lakeland fixes
    Saturday Afternoon...after running back to the Springs after a great day on the water....Trim Pump is no longer working on one of the engines...
    Here is Jeff's breakdown from another thread..
    First my truck dies on the 14. intercooler coupler.
    We left it there, screw it.
    Then we get to havasu less a tire on the back of the trailer.
    Jack Up my Herings
    Some problem with one of my motors
    A noise ticket
    I didnt show up to the banquet so I didnt get the gibson exhaust or a gps speedo or something
    The whole damn rim tire and hub fly off the trailer and almost kill someone.
    The fag that owns my storage wants to sell it and I got 60 days to get my shit out.
    Who fricken knows.
    Im thinking about staying home for a month or so!!
    What did you break...

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    Damn Only a prop and I was here in the valley and the boat was in Havasu.....

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    What did you break...
    My wallet.

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    Bent anchor.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Other than the $300 gas bill?
    I thought I broke the starboard I pulled it out of the water. No visable damage, so I may have just hit something floating.
    The port prop got some Nautical beach damage... :hammerhea

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    My wallet.
    My Liver :notam:

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    My Liver :notam:
    Speaking of rough weekend,how ya felling today pops?Thanks again for letting me and my friends wreck your house!

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    I ran my boat at 90-100 all day, no ticket, put $150 worth of gas in it and pulled out with 1/4 tanks, towed it home and put in my backyard. No problems, the thing that happen was the guy riding with me didn't plan very well and ran out of beer early so we had to chase beer down all afternoon.... what a rockie.

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    Some a-hole hit my trailer in the parking lot at Windsor. No note, luckily just minor damage, bent the tie-down loop and left some blue paint.

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    The port prop got some Nautical beach damage... :hammerhea
    Havasu Lab finish....gotta luv those...

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