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Thread: Havasu this weekend?

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    Just curious as to who might be going out this weekend? me and the Mrs will be there, also my brother in law and sister in law will be staying with us at our condo (leaches) :wink: and he just a got a new to him boat wellcraft excalibur I no it aint no LAVEY and I let him know it everyday :wink:

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    I will be there this weekend.

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    going up Thursday night.

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    Nothing of substance to post ..just trying to up my post count..carry on

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    Heading out Friday morning.

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    Fri night here!................

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    We'll be on the water Sat afternoon and Sun.Wave us down and say hello if you see us.

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    That Guy
    We'll be there...... :boxed:

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    I'll be there too,fri-sun!!! :wink:

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    headed up friday night

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