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Thread: My Poker Run Pics!

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    Teague's boat was flat out running that day....wonder how much that boat boat has in it...

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    I think he has twin 1100's I bet it runs 160mph.. He was not out there proving anything.. Just a family run..

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    Any pics of Gunslinger? Heard that it is just sick.

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    I guess mr. teague was a little miffed that after the start, when the big boats blew by him they sorta, shall we say "drenched him", he did a little bailing of water out of his boat, and he also commented about this at the awards that night, bummer, should have stayed out front
    No shit eh? That's gotta be a nerve racking experience at 100+ in an open boat..

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    Magic34 I have some pics of GS I will post them a little later! VERY nice boat. I really liked the colors.

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    Mr.BLING BLINGon the throttles ladies and germs. Lets hear it for him....
    Where's your pics at?

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    Alfonzo....Was that you on Boat Floatings boat helping me tie up?

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    Where's your pics at?I took about 4 pics on fri and left my camera in the truck the rest of the weekend,on accident. sorry no pics. Besides, im still to retarted to post them. :hammerhea

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    Alfonzo....Was that you on Boat Floatings boat helping me tie up?Yes Sir! it was Jen Rocky and myself. I was Rocks Boatbitch on Sat. Bling was on the 29 DCB(THE GREY GOOSE) being a damb fine boatbitch.

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