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Thread: Prop Repair in LHC

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    Ivan Dan
    Or would it be cheaper to buy a new one? Anyone have a 24 Bravo 1 laying around?

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    I think Frenchie has one for sale.

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    Nothing of substance to post ..just trying to up my post count..carry on

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    Dusty Times
    If its not too bad around a $100
    Much more to buy a new one.

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    Richard at the propeller co. does great work there right across from conquest boats.....

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    got my prop fix a Vally propeller in Ventura
    just take it to mail box ext and send it to him he will fix it and tune it for 150
    that is if it is not missing a blade
    I would recommend every one get there props tuned it makes all the blads exactly the same and balanced
    Or would it be cheaper to buy a new one? Anyone have a 24 Bravo 1 laying around?

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    Propeller company - 928-505-7707
    Skip's prop shop - 928-855-3501
    Gibbs propeller service - 928-453-8000

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    Propeller Co like Shadow and LaveySabre575 said......

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