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Thread: Mufflers?????

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    I have a Spectra 20 w/455 olds thru transom exhaust. NO MUFFLERS!!! So I read that there is a change in the law. Does this mean that I must put mufflers on my boat?
    Has anyone priced these little jewels?
    Has anyone fallen of there chair while pricing these little jewels?
    Are they checking the noise level at Havasu City?
    I am going to come down for the regatta the 29th & 30th of June. But if I have to have mufflers on my boat. Maybe I will go some where else.

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    If your exaust are under the swim step you should not have a problem.
    I hope to see you at the All Boat Regatta.

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    All boat regatta? I'll be at Black Medow landing on that weekend. Where will the regatta be held? Maybe I'll take a run up there and check it out.

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    Blue water casino.

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