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Thread: OC AvGas

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    Anybody know where to get av-gas or high octane in Orange County, CA?

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    not sure if you can get it at john wayne anymore, i used to tell em i needed it for my ultra lite.
    i know the airport off maple st in corona is a for sure hook up for Av. Butterfield Airport.
    LGC, you going to FB3?
    hows the project?

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    depends on if you need full blown AV or just 103. If you only need 103, you can score it at the 76 off LaPaz and the 5 on the west side of the freeway.

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    Got it "done" still 200 things I need to clean up. Looks pissed off. Went to Elsinore Sunday afternoon. No sink. Too choppy to get it on. Pretty loud, too. Fuzz was thick and didn't want to push it. Ran good, though, no issues so far. Be at FC3 Friday evening. See you there.

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    Greg, you can get av in Parker.. Stoked to hear you got it done. See ya Friday.

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