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Thread: First Aid?

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    fat rat
    Who carries a First Aid kit on board?
    My wife was skiing yesterday and took a spill, the ski must have come across her shin some how. Anyways she had a nasty cut we were with friends (Hot-Rods)and they had first aid with them. I've been boating for years and never thought to have a kit on board, but plan on getting one soon. Later when we got home she decided to go to the hospital ER, she ended up with 7 stitches.
    Just a thought. Happy boating.

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    Always ! Last week I was climbing on shore at a different spot from usual and found a piece of "appalachian coral" , {Rip rap made of busted up asphalt}, left foot had a 4inch gash across the bottom, I was leaving red footprints when I noticed ! Upside... I skied 25miles last weekend !

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    always its not manditory till a 25ft or larger boat,but i always carry one shit does happen

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    oh ya fatrat nordic to ride for now ,the warhawk has not been sold yet so im back on that track also,when we close for x-mas ill go get it

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    Jungle Boy
    I believe it's manitory in Canada. I've allways carried a first aid kit and fire extinuisher in boat and truck. It's been drilled into us in the oil patch for years to carry these and it has come in handy many times. Not to push values on anyone, but it should also be manditory to have a basic first aid course to have a drivers license as it is in most countries in Europe.

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    Not only the first-aid kit onboard, but a course on first-aid is a good thing, I have had to take the course alot of time's now, they have to be renewed on a regular basis,but they are good! All 3 of my kid's have it also........( . )( . ).....KIM.......
    JungleBoy,Oil patch? Way to many course's hey?
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    Hmmmm you guys got me thinking. I have one I always carry in my Snowmobile. I never thought about the boat!!!!

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    fat rat
    Originally posted by nitro557:
    oh ya fatrat nordic to ride for now ,the warhawk has not been sold yet so im back on that track also,when we close for x-mas ill go get it
    Nittro, sounds like you went full circle.......or going in circles,LOL.
    You won't be disappointed with the Warhawk, saw one at Beast of the East, good looking and fast.

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    Wet Dream
    First Aid kit : Always good
    Having to use it: Not something to look forward to.

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    Always carry first aid supplies...
    Specially the first aid that applys to burns; chemical and flame.
    I always carry extra gauze and burn supplies. Sounds like over-kill...But you'll thank me when I am around for such a unfortunate tragedy.
    Ty (

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