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Thread: OK, Michigan Folks - need help!

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    Looking for a high quality, REPUTABLE place for some gelcoat work and upholstery - anybody got any leads for me? Email me anytime or post to the board - Thanks!

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    Sorry dude.
    Hate to see your post totally ignored or no response, but I'm in MI and don't really know of anyone.
    What area are you in? East side of the state or west?
    There is an upholstery shop on Mound rd. between 15 mile and about 18 mile that looks like they do quite a bit of work. That's the east side of Detroit. Sterling heights?

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    He's right, the place is called Shelby Trim. They will do an ace job on seat coverings. For glass work, many good shops in the Detroit area, only one I can vouch for is Steve West Marine Refinishing on South River Rd. in Harrison Township, Macomb County. Several others on the Nautical Mile in St. Clair Shores. Also, some Corvette specialists will do hot boats.

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    Thanks, guys - MoJet, I'm NW of Detroit in Oakland County -DetroitJim, I'll look into Steve West MR - Did you have work done there?Do you have a number for them or any of the others you mentioned? Thanks again for any help you all can provide!!!!! Thanks!

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