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Thread: Help with hydro lift

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    Hello friends,
    I need some good ol advice..I have a 1995 21' Cheetah with a 225 Mercury. I want to improve my top end speed and performance. I can attain an honest 63 mph with my current setup. It runs right around 5300 rpms. The engine seems to want to work more, but it seems limited. Currently I just have tilt via my engine, etc. What brand of lift and degree of prop what be best ? I just brought back the boat from Lake Havasu and I live in Huntington Beach. Any one local around here that is can install it. Thanks in advance and it seems there are a great bunch of people in this forum !!
    Pat Estes

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    I take it this is the wrong type of subject to discuss here..Thanks anyways..

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    What kind of prop are you running now? and where is the motor located (propshaft compared to the bottom of the boat)?
    Does the boat seem to need alot of trim to get speed, does it kick up a rooster tail?
    Are you looking for a good all around set up or are you looking for strictly speed?

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    Thanks for the effort !! The prop appears to be a 21 pitch (3-blade/quicksilver mach2). The propshaft is aprrx 3-4 inches from bottom of boat. I get very little if any rooster tail. I am looking for more speed. The boat does not stuggle to get up and running to full trim, but its needs a lot of trim to get there. At full speed/max trim it tends to "cat walk" very easy in slight chop. Does the rpm sound right with this pitch ?
    Thanks in advance BJH.

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    Kim Hanson
    Jack-plate and about a 27-32 pitch prop should make it move along nice.........( . )( . )............ :idea:

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    My boat looks very much like yours..What are you running ?

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    My boat looks very much like yours..What are you running ?
    That is an HST w/ ALOT of motor.
    Is your boat a tunnel? If not, it might end up set up similar to mine.
    I have a 20' Pad Vee bottom w/ a 200efi. The propshaft is 3.75" below the bottom (cant go higher and still get on plane w/ a load)
    I use a 24" trophy4 for skiing, The motor turns it to the rev limiter @6100ish (72-73mph)
    Then i use a 27" powertech 4-blade for speed runs it will turn it over 5900 rpm for a best of 81.3MPH
    Is your prop Aluminum (usually painted) or stainless? Aluminum props tend to flex and are better suited to bayliners.
    I'm a bit worried about only turning 5300 RPMS, that seems low. Your motor should turn 6Kish if i'm not mistaken.
    Do you have another prop to try? You are welcome to give mine a whirl if you're local, i'm in Ventura, CA. I'd try something around a 24" and bow lifting.
    BJH :clover:

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    It's a shallow v bottom..I think running a higher pitch prop would help. I running a ss prop now..See photo..
    It looks like photo is not coming up..Try this link..

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