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Thread: Unbelievable Sanger drag boat on Ebay

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    This guy must be "we-todd-it"... if he thinks ANYONE
    would pay over $8,000 for that! :sqeyes:
    Anybody got an extra "outdrive" for a Sanger dragboat? :yuk:
    (Maybe Ebay's Image Center has the same moderators as ***boat's Img.Ctr.) :messedup:

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    What ever he is smoking must be some gooooooood shit. would love to see the outdrive that goes to that.

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    i don't smoke anymore because of dreams like that :crossx:
    pat(slotracer) :hammerhea

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    Just another eBay Newbie.
    He'll learn.
    Let's all bombard him with questions and see what kind of intelligent life lives there.

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    Damn...No wonder the shit he's smoking is illegal.

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    boys........thats a genuwine racing boat u got there in fla. jsut slap a outdrive on and and find a new driver and u are gone racin :mix:

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    He posted his phone number....Lets all give him a call... :2purples:

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    72 Hondo
    Man, you guys are just mean... :devil:
    But, that dude is asking for it with that ad !! :hammerhea
    CALL HIM !!!
    If someone hasnt already, Tell me I will...

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    So it seems this guy COMPLETELY changed this Ebay ad.
    It WAS $8,000 with an "alcohol" motor.
    Now it's only $3,000, has a "humble" description and something
    about a dead partner???
    This boat makes MoUzEr's stuff for sale look like treasures!!

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    dont knock mouzer......someone always gets a good deal from him very soon after he gets something. his motto is high.....sell low......

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