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Thread: engine won't start need tech help

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    Scape Goat
    I am not getting juice to anything eccept hard wired power lines on the boat.
    but was running but kept hesitating and finally quit running(electric fuel pump)
    battery positive
    First there is no circuit breaker that I have found yet, told that it was removed.
    I have power running to the silinoid on the starter and the external silinoid.
    power running to the terminal block,
    I figure these are straight from battery positive.
    no power to any accessory, with key on and still nothing
    I check the ignition side of the external silinoid and nothing, same as for the coil wires,terminal block and the Ignition(key switch)
    did not check the silinoid on the starter yet, not to much space to work with while the interior is still in the boat.
    ? is do I need to check the switch side of the silinoid or is there something else to look for.
    any help greatly appreciated

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Do you have power at the ignition switch?

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    Scape Goat
    only to the cave plate switch
    no power on the terminal block either, except for the bat. direct

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    Kindsvater Flat
    So you have bat power at the starter, the terminal block (+ side only), and the cav plate switch?
    So you have at least 2 power wires going to the front to the dash. Trace the one from the key switch back to the terminal block. Make sure you have good contact at ALL terminals on the block. Blocks are notorious for having bad contact areas even if they look clean.

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    Boat have a voltmeter or an amp meter? If it has an amp meter, the B+ lead from terminal block runs to it. The feed to the B+ terminal of ignition switch runs from the other terminal on amp meter. This feed commonly has a fuse on Eliminators.

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    Scape Goat,
    My Eliminator has a small circuit breaker tie wrapped to the wiring on the back of the guages. It's tiny with a small white buttom. I've also have bad contacts on the wires to my ignition switch that prevented my motor from starting. Unscrew them and clean them or just jiggle them and see if it starts.

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    Scape Goat
    thanks guys will try next time I am at the boat.
    I don't believe there is a circuit breaker, was told it was removed
    When you run a slave silinoid from the starter, what does the silinoid on the starter do? and why is this set up done?
    The boat has an amp meter

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    A "slave" solenoid is typically added when there is excessive voltage drop in the starter trigger circuit. Common symptom of this would be a starter that "clicks" when you turn the key, but spins fine if you jump the solenoid "s" terminal with voltage directly from the battery terminal. Some boats came with them stock. It basically acts as a high current relay for the starter. Instead of the circuit from the key operating the starter solenoid, it triggers the relay and that triggers the starter. There are 2 different ways that they can be wired. The solenoid on the starter still does exactly what it always did, it's just getting a stronger trigger signal.
    If you have an amp meter, make sure you look for an inline fuse or circuit breaker between it and the ignition switch. The circuit breaker you were told was removed may have been the one normally mounted on the engine terminal block. They tended to get weak with age and trip too easily. I would suggest replacing it, if that is the case.

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    Scape Goat
    thanks oldsquirt

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