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    Hey I took the boat out to Somerville this afternoon and yes i got a story to tell. I got to the ramp and backed it in, fired it up and then it died, gave it a couple pumps and then it wouldnt start. after about 10 swcond of cranking it wouldnt; even turn over. The negative battery cable wasn't makin a good connection. So i fixed that, pulled the plugs, shot gas everywhere, buttoned it back up and she fired right off. I made a few fast passes by the dam, pretty much the only smooth spot since the wind was out of the NE. By the way, that panther shot a little tail at full throttle, kinda suprised me. Then on the way home the truck dies on me, it has a long history of vapor lock or something of that nature. Still have yet to figure that one out but I got home after I let it sit for a little.

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    Congrats on getting her running. I am in the process of getting a floating money pit myself. What kind of boat do you have?

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    Performance 19
    Congrats. Even with the problems I am sure it was well worth it!

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    Be happy you were on the water with nothing serious congratulations :wink:

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    DeputyDawg, its a '78 Sadler 18ft, all original gelcoat and interior, 454 and a panther pump. picked it up for 3k turnkey last fall.

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    Graet to hear that everything went good. I'm sure you will have a blast with this summer. Looking forward to meeting you out there :hammer2:

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