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Thread: more poker run weekend pics

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    Looks like a good time

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    Did that Shockwave just come in "HOT" or what ??

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    good stuff todd!!!

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    Did that Shockwave just come in "HOT" or what ??
    DCB going towards the bridge, Shockwave awfully fast in reverse, CRASH!
    Not real sure if the guy was trying to turnaround in the channel or just coming off the other side, either way panic button.

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    Nice pixs!!

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    Is that the same Shockwave that jumped the picnic table @ Windsor Beach durning the winter. :jawdrop:

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    Dusty Times
    That was the craziest thing I saw all weekend.
    I hear a boat hitting the rev limiter and look over to see some guy wide open throttle in reverse trying to turn. Kids in both boats. People hanging over the edge to try to fight the boat away as the billet swim step plows into fiberglass. Lucky nobody was hurt.
    Seemed like the guy panicked-grabed the wrong stick= wide open throttle????

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