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Thread: A Special Thanks To Tom Bentley!

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    Well I was tired of blowing the prop away coming out of a turn, that sucked and it also seemed like the tail was dragging all the time which made it hard to keep the nose down especially when running in the shit so Tom and I had a little discussion and we both agreed on what needed to be done. So the prop went in and it came back looking like a new one, it also worked like a NEW prop!.. What a surprise, coming out of a turn it just hooked and got with the program, and it gave me enough tail lift that it freed the boat enough that I got 11 more mph(on the GPS) with the same rpm and it handled better than it ever did before!... Thanks again Tom!...

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    Tom is the Man..... :wink: :wink: :wink:

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    Another satisfied customer.
    I love hearing success stories!

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    You will be seeing many of Tom's goods on my Hondo next time out in Needles.

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    Your boat looked great!! Very fast!

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