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Thread: Anyone ever stay at Black Meadow?

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    whats the 411? Is it good if you have kids? is it overpriced?

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    Its great for the kids.We stay there and so do a few others.The guy that runs it is an A$$ but if you dont bend the rules you will be ok.My .02

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    do you have a trailer or do you stay at the motel?

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    We have a trailer there from April to Oct.

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    Mrs Luvnlife
    whats the 411? Is it good if you have kids? is it overpriced?
    You're probably gonna hear alot of $hit talk about BML! We stay there for a week every summer....RV spot right on the water and we've never had any problems. We cruise our golf cart, kick it by the fire, drink and have fun with peeps and we've never been kicked to the curb. Now I've seen the maintenance man have it out with some lady in a high buck MOHO and told her she was outta there...never happened as far as I know.....I think if you keep it on the down low, don't get outta control and are not obnoxious you will have NO problems. Our kids have a great time with the water/sand right there at all times!! Not over priced as far as I'm concerned for the weekly fee.

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    I launch there every week and so far no problems.With my 28fter

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    You might want to reconsider when you get that 32'.
    32 what 32 What are you talking about..........

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    We have been staying there for a week every year and about to weekends a month for the last 8 years, Mrs Luvn Life had it right, you stay on the low down, you will not have a problem.
    We stay in the Kitchen Cabins, not overpriced, has a full kitchen and a back yard. $95 a night on the weekends, $75 a night weekday.
    Quite and great for kids.
    We launch our 24' Ultra there no problem, just stay to the middle of the ramp and you will not have a problem. We saw someone launch a 28' Scarab there last weeken for the Poker run. He didn;t seem to have problem, we have seen magic deck boats launch also.
    Mark out

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    Mrs. casean
    We'll be there Memorial weekend! Can't wait! Never been, Can't wait!

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