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    I'm not a big OT pipe guy but I saw this and just had to have it. It's fully remote control throttle,turning jet nozzle and reverse bucket. Boat specs: 32" long by 12" wide, wood construction. Engine:OPS .40 cc with tuned pipe(one big Zoomie?)Runs 25% nitro fuel.Pump: Axial flow,1.58" impeller.
    HMMM... I wonder if Place has a diverter for this one? http://free.***
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    That thing is bitchen. What's it run????

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    I just got it so it hasn't been in the water yet. I still am installing servos, but I cant wait to strap the GPS on and see what she's got!

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    spectras only , here's a picof some of my projects.The arneson drive on the white boat is coupled to a 35cc Pioneer chainsaw engine,the Zenoah engine with the tuned pipe will be in a new project.The mahogany boat dates back to the 50's http://free.***,with a V-drive.The heli is my third model.CC ,get a boat with a Zenoah engine that runs on regular fuel,instead of the very expensive nitro fuel.

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    Chestah Cheetah
    CC, that's one of the coolest toys I've seen. Looks like a flatbottom jet with tabs no less - sweet!
    Spectra's, where did you find that mini Arneson drive? what does that boat do?

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    spectras only
    CC, I didn't find the Arneson,I built it.I've even made a universal [CV] for it ,but had to replace it with the conventional 1/4 in racing cable.The 35CC engine puts out close to 3 HP and the universal's tiny ballbearings wouldn't handle the power.The Zenoah factory engine [between the white boat; 46 inch Unlimited class Prather hull ,and the mahogany crackerbox]is made for marine use with water jacket and built in pullstart.BTW the white boat does about 50MPH with a step up beltdrive system [approx 16000 prop RPM with an Octura 3 blade prop].I've built that boat in 1980,and it's mothballed right now.My son is 12 and I hope by age 14 he'll have a knack for serious modelbuilding http://free.***
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    Where did you find the jet boat?! I'd love to have one to mess around with. I've been to the local R/C store that recently opened in town, and all they have are unlimited hydro style boats. I've even searched the net but haven't found anything like that.
    That pup is wild!

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    spectras only
    heatseeker ,go to ( ,they have some RC boats you can drool over http://free.*** has been involved with jetdrives for some time!
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    Also check out ( some cool boats on there too. I do recall seeing a jetboat in a past issue, but can't find it. http://free.***

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