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Thread: tunnel hull on ebay

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    Saw this on ebay. Anyone got any info on these hulls??

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    Jake W2
    Yea same bottom as the Mantra,Texas Rerformer,tunnels not a great lake boat cool as hell looking same top as ,Earl Smith 18,Cp 18 gullwings,CP tunnel.
    Nice looking boat pick it up and race it :crossx:

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    PC Rat
    Nice looking boat pick it up and race it :crossx:
    Description did say "will get it on" and that's all we care about!

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    looks like a fast mutha-scratcher

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    I don't know about a tunnel, but Jason is selling a bridge over in the Hot Boats section

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    hey 396 i have one justlike it i wouldn't mind having another one mine weighs 405lbs

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    One of the few other V-8 jets in this area is one of those. I spoke to the guy at the ramp one time. He said that it was indeed not the greatest lake boat, and took loads of power to get it to take a good set. But then, "hang on". His had a 540 with a big shot of sauce and he said it was a bit underpowered :2purples: . It was one of the coolest looking boats I've seen.

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    I just got my money back from Bill Scotten @ CP and I asked him about the Sunkist tunnel. He said there was a few of these boats made out of his old CP tunnel molds but the guy changed the bottom outside sponsons to go more forward and come up sharper. He said that after making a full pass in one of these hulls, the nose drops too fast and it gets a little squirelly upon reentry. Apparently the guy never finished paying for the molds and he repossessed the mold and sold them to Austrailia. Budlight

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