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Thread: pump blue printing

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    Recently purchased older jet with a jacuzzi pump. Told that it had a dominator kit inside the jacuzzi housing. Not sure what pump blueprinting involves. Often here it discussed, wondering what it entails, costs, and is it necessary. Thanks for any and all help

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    it involves thinning the vanes in the pump,reworking the impeller. and fine tuning.By doing this you will increase the effeciency.You will lower you engine rpm and get a speed increase.Holeshot will improve also.

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    How is that pump working for you? I ordered the energizer kit for my pump yesterday. I have been wanting to talk to someone that had it. Just to see what they think.

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    Thanks for the info 77Charger, what does blueprinting normally cost?

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    Apollo- I've only run this boat a few times, but the pump set up seems to be a good one. I'm running it with a 455 olds and am looking for any power/speed increase that I can get. Was told that since I don't really know the history of my pump that I might want to get it blueprinted. Curious what difference you might notice after you add your energizer kit.

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    I have an energizer kit on my golden eagle.Basicly it converts your housing to accept a berkley type pump(bowl,nozzle,impeller,wear ring,thrusy bearing,etc.).Your performance will improve.Holeshots,top speed should gain at least 5mph-8 on average.If you want to know more about blue printing and are in the area id recomend jack at mpd in costa mesa.his #(949)631-2040

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    I got mine April of last year. It's got a 454
    with a mild cam and a tunnel ram with 660's.It's got great out of the hole but it falls short on top end. I think if I get that energizer kit it would do better, I hope.

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