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Thread: dog bite

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    what would you do if a neighbors dog bits your kid as he is riding his bike and turns around in there driveway .

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    Tow Guy
    Check for records and tell my kid not to go in the driveway again or i'll bite his ass

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    not a bad bite .just left a big bruse .but the dog has bit a couple of other kids .

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    if its on their property i dont think you could do anything. Id keep my kid away from that driveway though.

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    was the dog under control (leash, chain?)? If he's also had a nibble on other kids, then I'd talk to the owners about 'THEIR PROBLEM".

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    Performance 19
    Got bit by a neighbors dog. Broke the skin and dog had no tags. Did call animal control to verify rabies were up to date. Did not want friction with the neighbor, so explained to him that I did call, but did not file a complaint. Animal control did contact him to report there had been a problem.

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    There would be a dead dog when he got home if it was me........

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    their dog was out side the gate and my boy did not notice it and turned around on his way back the dog went after him and got him on his leg .my wife is all pissed off and wants the dog put down .anad i dont want no probs with the neighbor

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    I have two rotts and I trained them so if your son kicks a ball in my yard the kid can come and get it but dont you try it.Thats how I want them to act.

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    Performance 19
    The fact that it is someone you have to live next to sucks. The fact that this was your son sucks even more. Have you approached the neighbor? I would say don't let it happen again, but, what could happen if there is an again? Couldn't take that chances with my child. Maybe call animal control anonymously? Get some advice. A dog can be declared a biter and required to be fenced in run. Having it put down is NOT the answer. Owners are the problem, not the animal. Big problem if others have been bitten. Good luck

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