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    Does anyone have experince with Commander boats? Good quality, how about ride? Thanks.

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    Mrs CP 19
    A friend had a Commander, had problems, no ready solutions and lots of excuses. Wasn't my experience, so hate to say anything negative. But they were very frustrated and fed up. Sold the boat.

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    I have one here in Texas. The boat rides great in rough water but it is real heavy. It runs about 58 to 60 with a 330 hp 454. I would think it would take alot of HP to run fast. Cant comment on the commander people because this boat is a 90 model and I have never called them.

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    I have a 87 Commander open bow 20 footer with a BBC and Berk JE pump. I am the third owner and it is bone stock right now. I have had it just over a year and really beat the crap out of it all season, it handles rough water fine and rides nice too, it has a Place diverter that helps a lot though. So far the only problem encountered withit is that the motor mounts drilled through the stringer only used 2 bolts per side and the driver side holes have egg shaped allowing the motor to drop about a half inch down. I hope to be getting it repaired soon and back out on the warer. While it is torn down I will have the pump gone through by Doug at Hoffman Eagle.

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    Thank you guys, I had no idea what to expect from owners as far as feed back. I'd say that's OK info. Would you buy another?

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    i have an 88 commander with the 454 chevy and berkely jet. ive had it about six years now no major problems with it except with steering, whic i just posted a thread for,runs good it will see 65 at wot with just me in it and the diverter trimmed all the way up. had problems with the motor mounts in the stringers also fixed that up with some 1/4 in. aluminum plate and all was well again ever since i bought it it makes a funny vibrating noise between the motor and the pump when it idles,ive asked a couple of shops and they said it was probably normal i keep the shaft lubed and i have no play in the shaft between the motor and pump,it has a deep v tri hull ''sorry i dont know the correct terminology for this'' but it cuts good and handles good in choppy stuff. the hull is alot different than most jet boats ive seen so i guess i like to be different.would i buy another well i dont know this ones paid for. hope this helps

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    Thank you Commander 88 for the honest feed back. I'm glad to hear from the people that know the boat. Still leaning toward a Sanger however, but I don't know how that will turn out either. Thank you again.

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    Update on the motor mount problem with my Commander, the stringer has dry rot on the drivers side, it looks like the holes for drainage were not sealed up properly or at all on the one side and tis has caused a bit of rot. Now it just needs repair. Other than that this boat has been great and I would buy another but would check it out a bit more carefully.

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