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Thread: Log minifold leak?

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    i have a 455 olds harden log manifolds and i have a leak where the snail bolts to the maniflold. It looks like ther is a gasket or two between the parts. How do I remove and repair?? Is there a gasket kit i can buy to reseal?
    Thanks Chris :hammerhea

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    The riser has four bolts that connect it to the manifold. I replaced the gaskets on mine last year when I took the logs off to polish them.
    I got my gaskets at Hi-Tech Performance.
    In addition, while I had the risers off, I ground out the mis-match between the log and the riser and blended it in to try and help the flow. There was a quarter of an inch difference between the log opening and the riser opening. The grinding and blending gave me an additional 100 rpm on top end.
    If you want a bigger picture, click this (http://www2.***

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    How hard was it to remove the two halfs? I tried on my father inlaws exhaust manifold and we could not remove the snail from the manifold. We tried heating it and trying to pound them apart with a heavy lead hammer but to no avail so we gave up! How did you remove the halvs and what did you use to reseal them back together.
    Thanks Chris

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    If you cant get them appart as a last resort try a VERY thin flathead screw driver and gently tap it in between the logs and risers, it should seperate them without damaging it. As for gaskets, call Rex Marine here the link to the page the gaskets are on.
    Riser Gaskets (

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    mine were completly frozen together. i was replacing one log cause it was cracked so i ended up cutting it off with a bandsaw then resurfacing the snail on the belt sander. no place local had the gasket so i made one. it worked fine all summer with no leaks.

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    I guess I should have said they're held together by 4 studs instead of bolts.
    I removed the logs and risers together from the motor. Then I removed the nuts and washers that hold the riser to the log and squirted a "liberal" amount of rust buster on the studs and let it work. There was a lot of corrosion between the steel studs and the aluminum.
    After I let it soak for awhile, like BK said, I took a thin bladed screwdriver and started GENTLY tapping it in between the log and riser, trying to get some movement, then sprayed more rust buster in between the log and riser at the studs.
    If I remember right, it took me several hours to get everything separated. I removed the studs too.
    As far as sealing them back, first I cleaned both mating surfaces using a quarter sheet palm sander to make sure they were clean and flat. Then reinstalled the studs. I applied a very thin bead of blue silicone around the water jacket ports on the log, then put the gasket on, then slide the riser back on over the studs and snugged it down. Any silicone that squeezed out I let sit for about 24 hours, then came back with a razor and removed it.
    Hope this helps.

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