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Thread: Remote Oil Filters

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    I'm about to install a remote dual oil filter setup on my ride. I was wondering if there are any cool setups on how you guys intalled yours. I've got thru-transom exhausts and an engine cover. There are also two small seats on either side of the engine. So, space is not highly available.

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    Mine is setup with the filter under the right rear seat. It's pretty handy to change the filter there by just moving the seat.

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    Mine is screwed into the Transom just above the jet, next to the water separator.

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    I run a BBF and TT exhaust and added a remote filter also. Since the engine was out, I drilled and tapped the bellhousing to mount the filter bracket just high enough to unscrew the filter (to port of the pump coupler). What oil does drip when changing the filter drips into the bilge and is easily wiped up.
    Works great and uses that wasted space.

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    Mine is mounted on the bell housing below the terminal board and in front of my second battery in a nearly inaccessable location (just like everything else on my boat that requires ocasional access). I guess I really didn't HAVE to add that second batt.

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    hack job
    mine we made a plate to hold it up on the manifold so it was easy to get too. looks pretty trick too! http://free.***
    Tyson (

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    Terrible Buddhist
    WOOOO...I haven't seen too many of those intercoolers around...Gale Banks right? Tell me about your setup. I too have a twin turbo...468 Chevy with the PFM intercooler...what kind of exhaust are you going to run?
    As for the remote oil filter question...I made basically an L bracket and attached it to the stringer bolts...if you want pictures I can senf one.

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    The picture sucks, but you can get an idea how I mounted and plumbed the remote filter on the bellhousing.

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    Mine is mounted on an angle bracket attached to the u-join/drive-shaft cover. Then there are braided lines running to the block (460).
    HERE'S THE PROBLEM - Be very VERY careful running those lines. When I bought my boat the motor was pretty fresh. I ran it one season and the first time out on the next season, I changed the oil and fuel filters. I fired the boat up on the ramp (after the 4 hours drive) and oil pressure never came up. Like an ignorant fool, I let it run thinking I must have pulled a wire under the dash or something with my foot. Very soon the motor squeeked and I shut it down ASAP. Too Late.
    Once the motor was out of the boat, we started tracing why this happened. Turns out the lines to the remote filter were swapped. Oil had been running backwards through the filter the whole time. Funny part (haha) was that the motor was rebuilt before I owned it because of some problems releated to oil pressure. I talked to the guy I bought it from and he never touched the remote oil lines. So those crossed lines caused two complete rebuilds on that motor!!! I actually found parts of the old backflow gasket in the oil pan. The new Fram backflow gasket held and starved the motor.
    I hope this causes someone to check twice and build once! http://free.*** Also BELIEVE THE GAUGES - lesson learned the hard way for this kid!
    RTJas http://free.***

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    I'm mounting mine to a bracket attached to the left side stringer, it's low and out of the way and the line runs are short.

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