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Thread: Havasu Pest control company??

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    Does anyone know of a good, honest person to do monthly bug killing??

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    Havasu pest and weed 928 855-1054
    truly nolen 928 855-5191
    renes pest control 928 505-7363
    university termite and pest 928680-6777
    Theres a few #'s out of the book.Don't know if any one is better then the other.

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    Thanks for the #'s. Does anyone here use any of these companies?

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    I use renes for all my bug killing and I use Havasu pest and weed for all my weed killing.
    I dont have ANY bugs around my house ever.....
    I have to call the other one out all the time to REDO what they tell me they ARE doing.
    Renes pest control 928 505-7363
    Highly recomend
    tell him bill and bonnie gardner refered ya.............

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    Havasu Weed for me!!!
    Nothing growing in my yard.

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    Not So Fast
    Bill, I use George Pest Control, good prices, reliable and willing to go the extra mile. NSF

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    Not So Fast
    Crap, the number is 928-855-3836 NSF

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    Havasu pest and weed 928 855-1054
    Here's the one right there. Ask for Ike and tell him Ziggy sent ya. He's my nephews uncle.

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    We use Parker Pest and I am pretty sure they do Hav. also....

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    Havasu Weed for me!!!
    Nothing growing in my yard.

    Even after all the rain this year. I have them do the semi-annual weed spraying and the monthly pest. My first trip out at the end of March, I was pissed when the yard was full of weeds. :umm:

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