Question for the experts.
I have read and heard conflicting information in regards to running your perko (2 batteries) at the same time.
I am in the process of adding 2 Odyssey 1700 batteries to my boat with a second perko switch for the stereo and need to know what the cons are of running the boat with 2 batteries.
I would like to run perko 1 on battery 1 and perko 2 on battery 1 while motoring.
If I hook the second bank of batteries up to the alternator I will need to run battery #1 to start the boat and battery 3or 4 for the stereo.(I want the stereo on it's own batteries away from my starting battery)
So can you run 2 batteries or is there a problem doing that with the Merc 496ho?
please give me feed back with concrete info.