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Thread: Imco,Gil VS Lightning,CMI

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    Pros cons VS the two styles? I think i'm going to step up to CMI but but would like a little feed back from various owners first.

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    Just installed a new set of lightnings on my boat about three weeks ago. (actually I bought them used with about one hour on them, already made up for a boat nearly identical to mine, a rare find!) Anyway, I have had the boat out once since then, and in the little time I got on the lake, I noticed a huge difference in throttle response! I didn't get to really open it up, but the blower is now making more boost and making boost faster with only the exhaust change. (previously had logs) Install was a piece of cake with the exception of shortening two bolts. I could have even avoided that but was in to big of a hurry to fire them up!

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    I think the lightnings are the best bang for the buck. The inner tubes are s.s. but the outers are not uless special order. The outters are coated inside and from what I have seen the hold up well. What I like about them is they have larger pipes that most other headers. The collectors are a true 4" innertube and at no place does it neck down. I don't know about the inner tube size on the CMI's but I would check that out. Lot's of them are smaller inside.

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    have a 460 ford .40 over big cam had bassett
    water injected thru transon headers . put set of lightings pick up 250 rpm . were much\
    easer to install. not cheep but worth the money all day long .

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