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Thread: thank you water witch!!!!!!!!!

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    Sanger D
    thanks traci for your and jeffs hospitality,the sandwich was kickin and runnin down the river with you guys was a blast!!!thanks for the t shirts and stickers and plate frames,it was a great time,pm a # and we,ll hook up at this end of the river!!!
    sanger D

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    Yes, Thanks Jeff and Trace for the Shirt and the license plate frame. That was way cool of you guys. Had a blast haging out with you guys.

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    Thanks guys! Your making us blush.....
    It was a fun week.
    Getting ready to do it again.
    It was so great getting to know everyone

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    Jeff and Traci thanks for the "T", sticker and L-plate frame. Had a good time talking to U Jeff. I was wondering if U had the ph# for the get together on fathers day weekend?

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    Here is the website to Big River RV Park. This is
    where it is being held. I don't know if they have
    any sites left. I guess it's a pretty big get together.
    Hope to see you there.
    Hey Darrin... think you'll come down for this??

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