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Thread: Leave me alone, I know how to ride a motorcycle!

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    and no helmet... he almost removed himself from our planet....

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    Three Days Only
    You gotta hate when that happens!!!
    What a boner!

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    Gotta love brand new motorcycle tires!

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    Lmao.. nothing like catching that on film and playing it for that guy weekly

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    LM(otter)AO! What a FTARD

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    "Mr. Dumbass, your bike is ready in the pick-up area". :rollside:

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    He did everything wrong...or he just wants to be like Kellen Winslow, who might have torn his ACL screwin around on a Suzuki sportbike. :notam:

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    "Mr. Dumbass, your bike is ready in the pick-up area". :rollside:That looks familiar. I did that on a brand new Ninja 600. Ehh it wasn't mine though so who cares-we sell them. Actually it hurt like a b*tch. It was nothing like my LITTLE cr250.-You're right though I was a DUMBASS..... for revving it up and dropping the clutch. Oh well you only live once.

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    That will leave a mark :220v: on the bike

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